Metal Roof Coatings

Contractors Spray on a Metal Roof Coating.

Protection for Metal Roofs

Your metal roof’s biggest enemy is rust. Worse yet, rust leads to leaks and vice versa and that leads to costly repairs or replacement. Get a metal roof coating application to slow down rust and prevent leaks, as well as give your roof new life.

Looking to give your roof new life with a metal roof coating in Coppell, TX? Turn to the trusted local professionals at Alpha Exteriors and Construction. We offer a full range of commercial roofing solutions. Learn more about us or book a service appointment by calling 214-444-8209.

How Roof Coatings Benefit Metal Roofs

When you opt for a metal roof coating in Coppell, TX, you’re going to gain a great deal at an affordable price.

Here are a few of the benefits of coatings:

  • Seamless barrier formed: This barrier seals small leaks and prevents more leaks from occurring. The barrier also protects the roof from rust.
  • Energy efficiency improved: Coatings will save you money on energy bills. These coatings reflect heat and help with heat transfer, cooling the building down. This reflectivity puts less strain on your HVAC system, so it uses less energy to do its job.
  • Expenses reduced: You’ll save money on repair costs because we can re-apply coatings every 10 years or so. The coatings also serve as a great option to roof replacement.

Moreover, when you choose Alpha Exteriors and Construction for roof coating, you’ll receive exceptional workmanship and quality materials, all at a fair, competitive price. We perform all services at a level high above industry standards. We also back our workmanship up with a 5-year warranty.

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When you want to preserve your metal roof from leaks and rust, nothing beats a roof coating application. For the very best in metal roof coating in Coppell, TX facility managers throughout the region turn to Alpha Exteriors and Construction. Find out why by calling 214-444-8209 and scheduling a service appointment.