Ceramic Tile Roof Installation

A Roofer Installs Ceramic Tiles

Durable Design

Installing a ceramic tile roof sets a course for a classic, durable design. Besides being beautiful, these roofs will last a lifetime, and then some. When you’re investing in a tile roofing system, ceramic tiles can add a little color to broaden your home’s appeal. Let the professionals at Alpha Exteriors and Construction help you with your roofing system. Learn why homeowners come to us for ceramic tile roof installation in Coppell, TX. Give us a call at 214-444-8209 to get your roofing project started.

Benefits of Ceramic Tile Roof Installation

Many homeowners today are moving toward tile roofs for their added beauty and durability. With a ceramic tile roof installation in Coppell, TX you’ll get all the advantages clay tile roofs have to offer, along with a great selection of colors. Here are more benefits of ceramic tile roof replacement and installation:

  • Fire resistance: Ceramic tiles are highly fire resistant and handle harsh weather conditions well.
  • Prevents algae and fungus growth: These tiles absorb less water and are not susceptible to damaging algae and fungus.
  • Noise reduction: They reduce outside noise.
  • Lightweight: They are lighter than other types of tile, so might fit on roofs that otherwise wouldn’t support heavier tiles.


Though ceramic tiles stand up well to weather and time, they might break or get chipped by people, often when working on other parts of the roof system, such as gutters and chimneys.

If your ceramic tiles have been damaged in any way, for reliable ceramic tile repair in Coppell, TX, know you can count on the professionals at Alpha Exteriors and Construction. We also back up our services with a 5-year workmanship warranty.

Reliable Service

Looking for reliable ceramic tile roof installation and repair in Coppell, TX? Put your trust in Alpha Exteriors and Construction. Call 214-444-8209 today to set up a time to get a free roof inspection.