How Do I Find the Source of a Flat Roof Leak?

How Do I Find the Source of a Flat Roof Leak?

Commercial structures typically have a flat roof. Leak detection and a survey of the entire roof need to be scheduled regularly and any time a leak is visible by the owner or building maintenance team. Roof inspection should be a routine for any type of structure, commercial or residential, but with flat roofing, it becomes critical. Flat roof leak detection in Coppell, TX can benefit you greatly. Call us at 214-444-8209 if you think this might be a service that can help you.

Are flat roof leaks common?

When properly installed and maintained, flat roofing shouldn’t leak. However, even with proper installation and maintenance, the roof will age and, with exposure to the elements, can develop leaks over time.

This requires prompt flat roof leak detection and survey. The sooner a survey is done for leak detection, the sooner the repairs can be made, which will minimize any damage. With routine inspections and prompt repairs, any commercial roofing material will have a longer lifespan. 

In addition to aging over time, causing roofing materials to degrade, other things can cause a flat roof leak. Detection and surveying of a commercial flat roof may lead you to identify the following issues: 

  • DAMAGED FLAT ROOFING MATERIALS — Any flat roofing material, including BUR, modified bitumen, single-ply, and metal roofing, can develop damage that causes leaks, especially after a significant weather event or an impact. This can lead to water pooling on a flat roof, which may cause blistering or cracking. A top layer of gravel can also make flat roof leak detection and survey challenging. However, a professional commercial roofing contractor will have the experience and methods necessary for successful leak detection. 
  • LOOSE COLLARS AND FLASHING — Any components routed through the roofing membrane create a risk of a flat roof leak. A detection and survey of the roof can pinpoint the exact problem area so proper repairs can be made, such as replacing collars to deflect water away from drains, communication, electrical components, HVAC systems, units, or vent pipes. Flashing on a flat roof can also loosen over time and lead to a risk of leaking. 
  • POOR INSTALLATION — When a roofing material isn’t correctly installed on a flat roof, leak detection and surveying can find areas needing repair or replacement. This should be done by a professional commercial roofing contractor with expertise and experience in this labor-intensive process, especially with a multiple-layer roof like BUR.
  • INSUFFICIENT DRAINAGE AND WATER POOLING — Pooling and standing water are the most common cause of flat roof leaks. Detection and survey of the roof will assess the issues and pinpoint the problem areas and underlying factors for leaks. Pooling or standing water doesn’t always cause an immediate leak, which can make the process of a flat roof leak detection and survey by a professional extremely important.

How much does a flat roof leak detection and survey cost?

The cost for commercial property is $500 on average but could be less or more depending on the square footage. Some commercial roofing contractors offer the inspection for free, but if there is a leak and the detection process is complicated, they will charge for the service. That charge is usually deducted from the cost of repair. 

Is flat roof leak detection and survey service worthwhile?

Flat roof leak detection and survey services are most definitely worthwhile. Even if you don’t notice any signs of a leak but suspect you may have some issues, a flat roof leak inspection and survey can save you a lot of problems and expenses in the future. 

How can you tell if you have a flat roof leak?

There are times when a flat roof has obvious signs of leaks, which may be indicated by the following:

  • Water spotting on the ceiling and walls indicates a flat roof leak, as it is an interior sign of water damage. A professional flat roof leak detection and survey service can pinpoint the exact area of the leak. 
  • Bubbling on interior walls is another obvious indicator of a flat roof leak. This bubbling happens when water leaks from the roof and seeps down and into the walls. 
  • Dirt surrounding a low spot on the roof surface is external evidence of a flat roof leak. Your maintenance team can detect this during their monthly inspection.
  • Mold growth is caused by standing water. If your maintenance team finds unexplained mold growth anywhere throughout your structure, such as above ceiling tiles, a professional flat roof leak detection and survey are needed. 

Get Professional Services

If your building’s flat roof is five to six years old, you should have a professional flat roof leak detection and survey service, even if you haven’t noticed any leaks. It is better to find out there is a leak before it becomes a major issue so repairs can be done before extensive damage happens. If you suspect you need leak detection in Coppell, TX, or any nearby cities, just contact us. Call 214-444-8209 today.