What Is a Cool Roof System?

Cool Roof System

Cool Roof Installation

Texas, hot summers, and cool roofs.  In our minds, those words do not go together, but thanks to technology, they can with a cool roof installation in Coppell, TX. What is a cool roof?   Before we answer that question, let’s talk about a conventional roof installation. 

During a sunny hot Texas summer, a conventional asphalt roof can reach 150°F or higher. A conventional roof absorbs the heat from the UV rays and holds it, where it radiates into the attic and the occupied area. 

With a cool roof installation, the UV rays are reflected out into the atmosphere. This reduces the heat by 50°F and the heat from radiating into the attic and the occupied area. So, does cool roof installation work? Yes, by shedding heat with a high thermal emittance. Want to learn more about cool roofing? Give Alpha Exteriors and Construction a call at 214-444-8209.

What are cool roof requirements?

There are two ways to meet the requirements of a cool roof installation:

  • Meet or exceed the minimum solar reflectance and thermal emittance values. 
  • Meet or exceed the minimum SRI requirement. 

When a cool roof installation meets these requirements, it can reflect more sunlight than a conventional asphalt roof, meaning it is absorbing less solar energy. With the temperature lower on the roof, it makes the attic and interior of the home cooler, using less air conditioning. 

How much energy does a cool roof save?

A cool roof installation provides an average energy savings between 7% to 15%  in cooling costs. This reduces the inside temperature and the amount the air conditioning system works. This, in turn, saves money, as much as 25% of the typical energy bill. 

Are there other benefits of a cool roof installation?

In addition to lowering the need for air conditioning, which lowers the cost of power, and makes the interior of a home cooler, other benefits include: 

  • Peak Energy and Grid Stability

Cool roof installation creates solar reflective walls which reduces the use of the air conditioning even at the hottest time of the day. This reduces the stress on the energy grid and minimizes power shortages, blackouts, or brownouts. 

  • Combat Climate Change

Cool roof installation directly reduces greenhouse gas emissions by lowering the demand for air conditioning. This results in fewer carbon dioxide emissions from the power plants. Cool roofing reflects the UV energy back to the atmosphere which mitigates global warming and can save as much as $600 billion from CO2 emissions reduction.

  • Urban Heat Island Mitigated

In the city, the temperatures during the day are up to 7°F warmer and up to 5°F warmer at night compared to the surrounding rural area. This is caused by heat-absorbing materials like paved streets and sidewalks, and roofing materials. This is referred to as the urban heat island effect, and with a cool roof installation, the solar radiation is immediately reflected back into the atmosphere, dropping the temperature on the urban island, and making homes more comfortable. 

Are there negative aspects of a cool roof?

In addition to the higher cost of a cool roof installation, the other negative is the possible increase in global warming. This happens because the cool roofing surfaces create a chain reaction in increasing the amount of sun the roof would traditionally receive. 

How much more expensive is a cool roof installation?

While it isn’t possible to provide an exact quote on a cool roof installation when compared to the cost of a conventional asphalt roof installation, it is pennies on the dollar higher. The ROI is in the monthly savings with the utilities. 

How long do cool roofs last?

The average residential asphalt roofing can have a lifespan between 15 years and 30 years, dependent on the quality and type of asphalt shingle used. Because the materials used in cool roof installations have a higher durability rate, they can last up to 50 years when properly installed. 

What is the difference between a cool roof and a green roof?

Both serve the purpose of lowering monthly utility expenses and keeping the interior comfortable and cooler. However, a cool roof installation is less expensive on the household budget than green roofing for one major reason:  Cost.  

Once a cool roof installation is completed, the upfront cost and routine maintenance of keeping the roof clean are the only expenses. 

With green roofing, the first expense is a required engineering structural inspection. This is needed to ensure the structure can withstand the additional weight. The installation process is another expense, followed by the maintenance and upkeep of the greenery planted. 

Cool Roofing Material

Dollar For Dollar

When it comes down to the dollar being spent, is a cool roof installation worth the higher cost?  Yes, when installed correctly and maintained as recommended, yes, the ROI comes from the lower utility costs, making it worthwhile. The additional bonus is the reduction in carbon footprint on the environment.  We are the cool roofing experts to call. Reach out to us at 214-444-8209.